About the project

Engineering & Consultancy Services for Utilities (ECS4U) is a new project offering expert services in the fields of energy, industry and heating.

We are experts backed by more than 20 years of experience from 150 international projects in the Czech Republic, EMEA and APAC. Being oriented toward issues and having knowledge of the DSO, TSO, energy transmission and distribution system, and heating industry environments allows us to see the customer's problems from a different angle.

We are not satisfied with average results; we always want to bring you the maximum. Our goal is not to copy existing solutions. This is evident in our dynamic selection of partners and experts with whom we cooperate.

Our partners, whose products and services we utilize, belong to internationally respected companies specializing in the field.

We focus our efforts on gaining and maintaining our client’s and business partner’s trust. We perceive trust, in addition to our expertise, as the most valuable asset we have, as lost trust is very difficult to regain.